Nerdtastic In 3D Episode #11

Art School, waste of money? Or totally worth while?  The Nerdtastic crew embarks 0n an in depth discussion about how to break into the VFX and Animation industry.  Some soapboxing about the pitfalls of the American political system, the currently happening train wreck known as the Republican Party, some thoughts on the upcoming Facebook IPO, and as always, a truckload of laughter and merriment…that’s right….merriment.

Bring on the GONG!!!


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  1. Can resist a namecheck. Herro boys!

    Roto : Requires the patience of a saint. Anyone who commits long term to 2d Roto or 3d Roto/RotoAnim. Lots of tools to help make the process easier but end of the day, if you have to roto hair, you’re going to be there for a looong looong time. Extra sympathies go out to my mate Dave, now over at Weta. He had to roto about 27 animal skin costumes and wild hair on 10,000BC. He spent three MONTHS roto’ing those shots.

    Matchmove/Tracking : Put coloured crosses over high contrast points on a screen. Hit solve. Hope. Extra credit to guess your lenses as you usually dont get given that information. In fact, be prepared to guess everything because a) you rarely get lens information b) know your camera backplates because you’ll rarely get that info either. Finally and most importantly your set information is usually wrong. Be prepared to guess that too. Then, if you stick with it, remember all this shit thats broken so when you get promoted to Set Sup, you’ll remember to note all that information down!

  2. ( Both Rockstar Gigs btw. Without either you get no pretty movies)

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