Nerdtastic In 3D Episode #17

Have you ever wondered if there was a Super Secret Federal Agent living next door to you?  Have you ever been curious about black ops divisions in the military so secret, their names can’t be mentioned publicly?  Have you ever thought about what would happen if you had to choose between your friends’ lives vs. a total stranger’s.  This week, the Nerdtastic crew brings in  a VERY special guest, who shares a bit about his amazing life story, making everyone ask themselves these very questions and more.  Who is this special guest you ask?  Let’s put in this way.  If you’ve ever stood in front of a mirror, thinking the person before you was THE great American bad-ass…….you’d be wrong!!!!

Bring on the Birthday Squad GONG!!!


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  1. Quality stuff folks.


  2. First, this is the first episode of the podcast that I’ve listened to and the fact that I listened to all 92 minutes of it says something about the quality of it’s content. You guys are amazing and you work really well together. I won’t miss another episode.

    Second, let me just say that I’m in awe, as I’m sure most were, of Jason and hearing where about what he’s done in his life. Then at the end as he was being thanked for his service by one of you guys.. don’t remember who it was… but as he was being thanked I just kept thinking.. you know as a father and husband who cares deeply for the security of his family I feel so insignificant and unequipped. Not necessarily in a bad way but in a way as to say that I don’t feel like I would have the capacity to do the things Jason has done or make the decisions I’m sure he’s had to make.

    Honestly, I am honored to call Jason a bro even if it is just in a clan online. The man is a legend in my mind after listening to this podcast and I just want to say thank you to Jason for his service. I had no idea. I would love the opportunity to shake your hand sir. It would be an honor.

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