Nerdtastic In 3D Episode #19

This week on Nerdtastic in 3D, the crew revisits Autonomous Driverless Cars.  Are they the wave of the future, or just a dream?  Would you trust a computer to drive you around? Literally putting your life in the hands of a machine?  The crew also takes a hard look at a recent announcement from Digital Domain, wonders why Angry Birds is really so popular, and studies what James Cameron seems to be doing lately with his Avatar/Titanic fortune.  They don’t stop there however, what would a discussion about money be without aiming for the moon!!!

Bring on the Robot-Car GONG!!!

Awesome Ikea Commercial

Google Driverless Car

Digital Domain’s Slum of a Business Plan

James Cameron Reaches the Deepest Point on Earth

Angry Birds Space, Art Installation


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  1. Docklands Light Railway in London is a driverless underground system;


  2. Great podcast. I only had to point out 1 issue… That Unstoppable with Denzel Washington was the greatest movie I had seen in a long while. Then someone told me that it was not a comedy and people actually believed that this movie was based on facts on how rail roads actually work. I just didn’t want you guys believing that anything in this movie was real. I presently work as a conductor for a major freight train company for 16 years and counting, I can say that I do know this industry and laughed my ass off throughout most of this movie. The only time I was honestly worried was when they were showing the bus full of kids.

    Anyways, keep up the great work.

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