Nerdtastic In 3D Episode #22

Wired or Wireless?  It’s an important debate amongst nerds.  One that’s for sure not easily solved.  The Nerdtastic Crew brings you a plethora of interesting topics this week.  From The Walking Dead video game from TellTale, thoughts on Diablo 3 and GTA5, collaborations between Apple and Valve, Cannibalism, and not changing artistic horses in mid stream, the sheer amount of content that’s packed into this episode is sure to not disappoint.  The Crew also introduces a new feature to the show, the WEEKLY CHALLENGE!!!!  Yup that’s right, a challenge each week so epic, so legendary, so intense, that the only way to describe it is in all caps!!!  Dive in to hear how it got started, and discover what challenge awaits you this week!

Bring on the Weekly Challenge GONG!!!

Walking Dead Game

Tim Cook visits Valve



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  1. They don’t make my favorite childhood cereal anymore. 3CPO’s. 😀

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