Nerdtastic In 3D Episode #32

This week the Nerdtastic crew dives into the world of the undead.  Chris Williams, history buff, animator extraordinaire, and creator of “Red Fog” give us some insight into his life/work, and how his recent passion project about an army of undead Nazis was born. Comicon is just around the corner, and you know what that means, THE GATHERING OF THE NERDS!!!!  Not these nerds, just some nerds.  What better way to start the Con than to check out “Red Fog” trust us, you’ll love it!  Curious about the Higgs Boson particle?  How about the most touching story in war history?  Ever wonder why zombies walk so freakin’ slow?  Welcome back, and look no further!!!

For info on how you can grab one of a limited run of museum quality prints of the “Red Fog” cover art, done by none-other than legendary comic book artist George Pratt, contact Chris at

Also shout out to our good friends over at the Something Cinematic Podcast!!!  These guys are intelligent and give fun insight into issues/successes of movies and tv shows!  Definitely worth a listen!!!

Weekly Challenge: It’s a Group Thing- 50 points

Bring on the Undead Nazi GONG!!!

Red Fog

Red Fog Kickstarter

Something Cinematic Podcast

Christmas Truce

Higgs Boson Particle



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