Nazi Zombies and Home Automation

Hemorrhaging members like an open wound, Jack and Jason hold down the fort on their own.  From the next batch of undead Nazis investing the world with Black Ops 2, to the the next steps for the company behind the NEST learning thermostat, pop on in to see if Jack and Jason can carry the show for an hour and a half, or if the whole thing will end in a fiery ball of death and taxes!!  You decide!!!

Bring on the Newly Undead Gong!!!

Nazi Zombies Round 3

Data That Lives Forever

Home Automation


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  1. There are many more good and clear benefits to make your home automated, HVAC control and CCTV control systems are good ones, being able to control the temperature of your house quickly and efficiently, and can control your TV and Video systems by remote control. With the weather as it is at the moment being able to control the AC at the touch of your phone / tablet while your are sitting.

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