#47 – Rationalizing Fear!

Hello fellow nerds! The year is coming to an end so this will be the last show for 2012. First off we would like to thank all our fans and supporters out there. We could not be where we are with out you guys and we really enjoy getting together each week and doing this show. This week we return for another fun and exciting show. Down to a 4 man show for this week Josh, Jason, Jack and Adam talk about what is going down in Hollywood this week. Have a listen as we talk about how Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit comes out this week in 48 frames per second and what that means for you and your eyes and what to expect. Also with big movies come big trailers, and so we dive into a few of our favorites that we are looking forward too, and also the rationalization of fear due to a quote in the trailer from After Earth. And if you were the fastest entertainment media to reach 1 billion dollars (activation call of duty) would you start branding your property on all the merchandise you could? Jack seems to think someone is not doing it right over there. Do you agree? That stuff and much much more this week on Nerdtastic in 3D. So please have a safe and happy holiday and we will see you guys next year.

Bring on the end of the year gong


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