#64 – Xbox One

Hey nerds! Wow have we got a big show for you this week. Lots of stuff in the news and we dive into it. Some very lucky interns make a real life Mario cart game that we would KILL to play. Adobe makes a pen that allows you to take your sketches anywhere on the cloud. Fennell talks about putting data into DNA. Jason keeps us up to date with his side project “What the food” and its amazing run on kickstarter. And last but not least, Microsoft unveils their next gen console called Xbox One. Hear our impressions and if we are going to get “one”. All of that and much much more on this weeks episode of Nerdtastic in 3D

Bring on the Xbone Gong



Posted on May 25, 2013, in Podcasts. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Love the podcast. long time follower 2nd time poster. I myself will be putting my money into a new computer and I will wait a year or so before I get the new Xbone. Maybe even longer depending on how it goes. I could care less about the integration of all other aspects into one system when all I want is a machine to game on. If I wanted to integrate gaming with the rest of my life I wouldn’t have a man cave where I go to play my games. Let me know what your Steam names are and i will add you there because you won’t be seing me on the XBL on a regular basis once the Xbone is out.

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