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#98 – Episode 98

We’re back after a few weeks of hiatus. We talk about failed interviews, super awesome starwars fandom, and vidya games.


#97 – ComicCon Guardians of the Galaxnerds!

In this episode we recap some ComicCon fun, Discuss Occulus Rift, and recap some movies and tv shows we love and enjoy

#96 – Deep Thoughts

In this episode we talk semi-seriously about fight club. Who would you fight? We also delve into life after death and what purpose there would be in it. We bring the heavy, but keep it light.

#95 – Mr Science

In this episode we discuss Xmen Days of Future Past, Sony’s move, Star Wars, Physics smorgasbord

#94 – Episode 94

Godzilla, Xmen, Real life suspended animation and more.

#93 – Pecho is BACK

Jason Pecho is back talking about GDC and the new jobie job, Sean Kearny gets a Chevy Volt, and Sean Fennell gets a Wacom Cintiq Companion

#92 – Episode 92

One of our best episodes EVAR!

#91 – The Art Institute at Santa Ana

In this week the Nerdtastic crew visits the Art Institute at Santa Ana to spit some industry knowledges.

#90 – Episode 90

In this episode we answer guest questions, discuss mobile vs console and the future of film and game animation, side projects, the Oscars, Harold Ramis rest in peace 1944 – 2014

#89 – Live from Woodbury University

In this episode the Nerdtastic crew visits the local Woodbury University to speak to the students about the industry.