#88 – Random Shuffle

In this episode we comment on the Titanfall beta, Jack’s Xbox One, Introversion Game Studio, Guardians of the Galaxy trailer drops and comic film saturation, Transcendence trailer, Meteor strikes, earthquakes and global killing natural disasters, finally good and bad horror movies.


#87 – Intimate Thoughts

Jack and Sean discuss the our perspective on the animation and visual fx industry from the inside.  We think a little about what we might be doing if we weren’t in visual effects.  Two crazy climbers reach the top of the Shanghi Tower, and Titan Fall!!!!!1one

#86 – Superbowl Shenanigans

In this weeks episode we eat free-ish KFC, discuss Flappy Bird – the mobile app that is sweeping the world!  Superbowl Madness in free HD with Sports Corner! Sean Kearny recommends a depressing documentary: “The Act of Killing” and Amazon Prime is rumored to raise their yearly fee.

#85 – Farewell Jason


Farewell Jason Carter!

This week Liz tries hard not to cry as Jason says goodbye.

#84 – Big News and Great Movies


Josh reacting to Jason’s news.

In this episode, Jason announces that he’s departing the entertainment industry and headed to Seattle to join the tech industry.  That and some great experiences with the Walt Disney Family Museum, and some great movies seen over the holidays.

Bring on the Shock Face Gong.

#83 – CES Recaps and more Hilarity

After an exhausting couple of days in Vegas, let’s just say the Nerdtastic crew has more than a few good stories to share 😉

#82 – Nerdtastic goes to CES

Nerdtastic Crew members Jack, Liz, and Sean head off to Vegas to experience the overwhelming presence of tech gadgets at one of the world’s largest conventions…CES!

#81 – Game Of The Year 2013 and Game of the Generation

Yup, that’s right, to wrap up 2013, the Nerdtastic Crew bestows one of the industries least reputable awards on one lucky studio.  The “Nerdy” award for Game Of The Year is not handed out lightly.  The Nerdtastic crew thoughtfully debates the merits of many of today’s greatest game developers and what they’ve accomplished.  Only the very best will be handed the “prestigious” award.  What will it be this year?  But that’s not all, they don’t stop there.  As we usher in the new generation of gaming consoles, The Nerdtastic Crew also reaches back into the memory banks to bestow a special award to the best game of the PS3, Xbox 360 generation!!!

Bring On the Edge Of Your Seat Gong!!!

#80 – The Amazing Dan Warom

British Teen Heart-throb Dan Warom joins the Nerdtastic crew this week, discussing everything from his latest movie wrangling hordes of the undead, to intimate details about the coldest place he’s ever lived!!!

Bring On The Episode 80 Gong!

#79 – First PS4 Impressions and BAKERSFIELD CA

Let’s just say that this episode is full of some great PS4 stories!!

Bring on the Next Gen Gong!!!