Who are these Nerds?

Here are the nerds of Nerdtastic in 3D!

Sean Fennell


Jack Geckler


Sean Kearney


Josh LaBrot
Lover, Fighter, Philanthropist, Rescuer of children from a burning buildings, King of a small country, and enjoys a good cheese


Jason Pecho
Baller. Shot caller. Brawler.

  1. Love the podcast. I always end up cracking up at least once while listening.

    Being that you all work in the computer industry doing design and such. Which OS do you prefer to work on? Assuming you can use any or all OS on the 56,000$ HP computer.

    • Hey Damien,
      Glad your digging the show brutha! We currently mostly work in a Linux environment but I think Jason is in a windows environment. Both has there advantages and disadvantages I think it mostly comes down to the programs you want to run and what type of pipeline you are working with. It becomes very hard to jump between the two on a production. I personally like working in Linux when Im on a production but am a windows user when I’m home. That’s just me =)


  2. Love the show! You guys are hilarious… Love updates on Xi3 😉

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